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Discover a powerful solution
for improving your grappling faster...

...even if you only have 1 to 2 hours
a week to practice!

Dear Fellow grappler,

You want to be a better grappler, right? And you want to see REAL improvement for your effort. But, the problem is...

  • you've got a JOB,
  • you've got a FAMILY,
  • and you've got OTHER interests...

...so you don't have as much time to practice as some 20 year old kid, and you're too busy to study what you've learned in class OUTSIDE of class.  So, what you want is a way to feel like your really improving, even if you're only able to devote 1 or 2 hours a week to it.

How did a 56 year old improve his
grappling more in last 6 months...

...than in previous 5 years?

My name is Bob Dorris, and I was in the same place as you.

I'm a 56 year old guy with a wife, kids, trying to make a living, I've got lots of hobbies and interests... and I'm training grappling and want to see that I'm making good, consistent improvement for the time that I AM able to put in.

Now, a problem that I USED to have was... as I was learning more moves, I was losing track of the old moves I had already learned because I didn't have an easy way to go back to them or keep track of them so I could review them & keep them current.  So, eventually, they were just gone...

..it was kind of like “Oh yeah, I used to know that move... but I haven't used it in so long that I forgot about it."

I was stagnating because my grappling moves were basically coming in the front door and leaving out the back... and it just wasn't a very progressive way of training.

So, I had dealt with this for years, it was really frustrating me, and I tried a lot of ways of to fix the problem.  I tried writing everything down, and just ended up with stacks of notebooks that were just way too cumbersome to be useful.

I also tried video taping everything, and found that trying to go back and sift through hours of video was really time consuming and since I didn't have much time to begin with, the videos just sat there. And...

...it's the exact same thing when I'd buy DVD's... I ended up with a big library, but I didn't have hours to search though all the stuff on the DVD's, so they just sat on the shelf, too.

So, after years of dealing with this problem, ...I FINALLY hit on a solution that totally nailed it. Using some technology, I was able to take over 1000 of the moves I either had already learned at one time, or wanted to learn in the future, and create a way to access ALL of them in a few seconds, anytime & anywhere, with a click of a button.

This gave me the ability to both review ALL of my old moves, and learn new ones, whenever I had just a spare minute or two. No notebooks, no DVD's, no YouTube... I don't even need my computer.

All I need is my phone.

I don't forget moves anymore, because I can review of any of them in under a minute, no matter where I am. No more “lost” moves... they're sitting right there for me to look at them on my phone.

But even more importantly, is that I've hyper-organized these moves by positions so that JUST before I get on the mat...

... I can get a fast review of moves from whatever position I'm about to train. Meaning my training time is MUCH more productive because I know exactly what to practice.

Now, when my training partners saw what I had, they wanted it, too, so one thing led to another, and...

...let's just say, if this all sounds good to you, then let me introduce to...

The iGrapple® Mobile

The iGrapple® Mobile is a solution that's going to allow you to become the grappler you want to be, even if you don't have much time for practicing or studying between training sessions...

...by making the time you already devote to training  MUCH more effective than it is right now.

The iGrapple® Mobile is the only solution that takes the time you already devote to your grappling, and makes it EXPONENTIALLY more effective...

...by giving you incredibly fast access, anytime, anywhere, to the exact submissions, moves & positions that you want to learn or review.

  • iGrapple® give you lightning fast access to over 1100 essential moves & submissions right from your mobile device!
  • All moves are organized by positions & sub-positions so you can find moves from the exact position you want to train... in seconds.
  • Videos are short, concise 30 to 45 second clips so you can review several moves from a position RIGHT before you train that position.
  • iGrapple's® design allows you to REVIEW your grappling moves & submissions anywhere or anytime you have just a couple minutes of downtime... no more forgetting your moves!
  • iGrapple® uses descriptive names for most moves... so you can simply look at the names of the moves in a position for a few seconds and trigger your recall of those moves without even watchng the videos.

Here's how the iGrapple® works...

Any time you want to review a position, or learn new moves from a position, you pull your mobile phone from your pocket, or grab your tablet, and...

...you login, and you see a list of the general grappling positions. You click on the general position you want to improve, then you choose the sub-position you want, and then you swipe on video clip and watch a very quick 30 to 60 second demonstration of any move you want to learn or review.

Now, here's how it helps you make so much more improvement WITHOUT devoting more hours to your training...

First, the iGrapple® is MOBILE so you will always have it with you...

...meaning you can learn new moves or REVIEW your grappling moves & submissions anywhere or anytime you have just a couple minutes of downtime...

  • On your lunch break...
  • In line at the grocery store...
  • On the mat...
  • Almost anywhere...

Hell, I know guys who use this thing in the men's room. How many other ways can you improve your grappling while... well, you know!

Next, the iGrapple's video technique database is extremely organized by positions and their sub-positions.

I'm not talking about simply organized by the guard or mount. I'm talking about the EXACT position you are in, like mount...

... when your opponent's on top and he's got his arm around your neck... OR when he's controlling your arms... OR when punching you. Get it?

This means that you can drill down to the EXACT positions where you need to improve or review your moves & submission... in SECONDS.

Are You Starting To See How This Will Help You?

Now, each position contains short, concise 30 to 45 second video clips, ...not the typical 5 minute videos that show the same move over & over from a bunch of different angles. This means you can get a quick review of 5 to 10 moves...

...from any position, anytime you've got a spare 5 minutes, even right before you get on the mat to roll.

And, remember how you keep forgetting moves a month or so after you learn them?

Well, now you can get a quick review of those moves ANYTIME in a matter of seconds, meaning forgetting your moves is going to become a thing of the past.

Now, even though the iGrapple® is compact and easy to use, it's got over 1100 videos in its database making it a powerful tool that can take you far with your grappling and give you years of use.

The iGrapple® does NOT take up any memory on your smartphone or tablet because it's hosted on our site.

You access the iGrapple® through a password protected website, and it works perfectly on iPhones, iPads and most Android devices. And, when you get the iGrapple® Mobile right now...

...I'm giving you access to the iGrapple® Desktop version as a bonus! (Originally sold for $247)

It uses the same underlying database of grappling moves, but is designed iGrapple Desktop versionfor a bigger screen, and allows you to see all the different sub-postions and moves from a position all at once.

It's perfect for those times when you actually DO want to sit down, take some time, and really dig into a position.

  • The iGrapple® is compact and easy to use
  • The iGrapple® contains over 1100 videos in it's database, so it can take a long ways with your grappling
  • The iGrapple® does NOT take up any memory on your smartphone or tablet because it's hosted on our site
  • You access the iGrapple® through a password protected website
  • It works perfectly on iPhones, iPads and most Android devices.
  • When you get the iGrapple® Mobile now, I'm giving you access to the iGrapple® Desktop version as a bonus.

Alright, it's time. You KNOW you want to improve your grappling faster, and devoting countless more hours each week ISN'T an option for you, so you've got to practice smarter by making the time you already spend exponentially more effective.

I realize you might not know who I am, although you're probably familiar with my other products, so...

...I'm going to make this simple... and inexpensive... and no risk... and I'm going to waaayyy over-deliver so it's a no-brainer.  Here's the deal I'm offering you...

I'm going to let you try the iGrapple® Mobile
and Desktop versions for 14 days...

...for only $1.


1 dollar button

If you like it, do nothing and we'll bill you 4 payments of only $37... then have lifetime access to the iGrapple® and nothing more to pay... ever. Cancel anytime during the 14 days and you won't be billed the monthly payments... and I'll even refund your $1!

And, if you keep the iGrapple® Mobile,
you'll get these bonuses!

Bonus #1

iGrapple® “Desktop” Version

Originally sold for $247

pc w destktop 5Not only can you access the iGrapple® from your Mobile device, but you can login from your PC or laptop and use our original iGrapple® Desktop version.

Whereas the Mobile version is great for “on the go” and when you need to quickly find a move for a specific situation…

…the Desktop version is even better for those times when you really want to dig-in and “study” your grappling.

Due to an entirely different interface that graphically lays out all of a positions “sub-positions”, along with the available moves from those sub-positions, the iGrapple® Desktop version gives you the “big picture” in a way that a smaller mobile device just can’t.

Because you can see literally…

  • ALL of a position’s “sub-positions”, and…
  • ALL the available techniques from that sub-position
  • All at one time…

… your mind  categorizes your moves by these sub-positions, causing you to recall your moves & submissions even easier and faster.

You’ll find that this makes you quickly recognize all the different “situations” that can happen in a position, giving you fast recall of all your moves when those situations occur.

And yes, the iGrapple® Desktop originally sold for $247 all by itself WITHOUT the Mobile version… and we’ve got testimonials from hordes of grapplers who happily paid that amount and love it!

Bonus #2

“How To Improve Your Grappling…
… Every Time You Train!”

$47 Value

Format: Instant Download

Want to make significant improvement in your grappling every time you train?grappling-video-series2

In this 3-Video Series, I show you:

  • A step-by-step plan to improve your grappling every time you train
  • A simple training protocol that further improves memory and recall speed  of your submissions
  • How to drill your techniques for even faster reactions

Bonus #3

"How to Train with a Ground & Pound Bag"

$47 Value

Format: Instant Download

Training strikes while standing is NOT the same as training strikes while on the ground. BobDorris_Small

In this video, you will learn:

  •     How to train based on the position you are in
  •     How to train transitioning from position to position
  •     How to train strikes from the different positions

Build Your Cardio And Maximize Your Ground Training!

Bonus #4

Lifetime Transferable Rights To The iGrapple®

Valued at $147

If you ever stop using it or quit training, you can simply sell your access to someone else, or give it away as a gift. That's basically like you getting to use the iGrapple® and keep the bonuses, all for FREE.

1 dollar button

If you like it, you do nothing and I'll send you the bonuses and charge your credit card only 4 more monthly payments of $37...

...after that, you've got lifetime access and you're NEVER billed again.

Considering that other membership sites take away your access as soon as you've stopped paying, that's a pretty good offer, don't you think?

And, If you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, you let me know in the 1st 14 days, we won't bill you again, and I'll even refund your dollar.

I really can't BE any more fair than that. And, in case you're afraid the iGrapple® won't help you...

Look at what other iGrapple® users are saying...

This product is the smartest approach to learning grappling I have ever seen.
- Kevin McIntosh , Gary, IN
I just got iGrapple and I think it’s genius.
- R.A. Desaulniers, Patagonia, AZ
iGrapple’s organization... has significantly enhanced my ability and speed to recall a technique on the mat when I need it.
- Eric Twigg, Farmington Hills, MI
I think you have just solved the most fundamental problem for anyone who wants to improve their ability as a grappler or jiu jitsu competitor.
- Mark Holloway, Gilbert, AZ
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with iGrapple.
- Marcelo Corpuz, Wauconda, IL
It provides the perfect lesson planning tool for a part time coach who has to work several jobs before heading to the gym. My hope is to hit iGrapple with a cup of coffee just to keep the in-feed going when I have to be off the mat.
- Thomas Weissmuller, Head Instructor and Managing Member, Crossroads Academy of Martial Arts
The iGrapple is the most amazing grappling resource that anyone could have!
- Chester and Jennifer Wright, Virginia beach, VA
I really love the iGrapple, it has increased my memory of my techniques a great deal. It has guided me to take a new approach to my training. It is the most awesome thing created for training.
- RJ Ceasar, MMA Fighter - Bronx, NY
iGrapple is what I consider the ultimate standard for concise grappling information and the most powerful reference material of its kind.
- Chris Mar, Chief Instructor – Special Deployment Tactical Riot
We now have iGrapple, It Rocks!!!!!
- Scott Chain , Sedona, AZ
I was able to easily find the exact position I had trained earlier that night in just a few seconds!  It really is surprisingly quick and simple to find the exact grappling position you’re looking for.
- Jim Connell, Nashua, NH
One word describes this program. That word would be ‘WOW’.
- Kevin Chicoine, Boise, Id

...the iGrapple's received LOTS more feedback like this, but I think you get the point.

And, if you still need more reassurance that this is for you, I'm giving you a 30-day, unconditional,
no questions asked, money-back guarantee.


Here’s my unconditional, no questions asked, money back guarantee…

Use the iGrapple® for a full 30 days, then if you are not completely satisfied with it, we’ll refund every penny of  your investment.

So you risk nothing, not a single penny. I take all the risk.


Now, based on what I've shown you today and the results you've just seen from other people like you who are actual iGrapple® users...

...you know you've got nothing to lose with my risk-free offer, so click the order button below.

1 dollar button


Keep Training,
Bob Dorris

P.S. To become the grappler you want to be, in a reasonable amount of time and without giving up other things that are important to you, you need to train smarter and make your time count for more, which is exactly what the iGrapple® does for you. Click here to try the iGrapple for $1.

P.P.S. This offer won't last. I'm making this as easy as possible for you to try it right now. However, I'm pulling down this offer soon, and you won't see this $1 offer again if you leave this page. So you WILL have to pay full price to try the iGrapple® if you don't take me up on it right now. So, before it's too late... ...click here to try the iGrapple® for just a buck.

P.P.P.S. I am a real person. Here is our company information: S.M.A.R.T. Athletics, Inc. 120 N. Ocean Blvd, N-9 Delray Beach, FL 33483 If you have any questions about the iGrapple ® Mobile , call us in the U.S. from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, at 954-478-3685.