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  • Maximizes speed of progress by associating your moves with the ACTUAL positions they are used
  • Increases recall of submissions by organizing into SMALL, HIGHLY RELATED GROUPS of moves (based on scientific principles of memory)
  • Improves reaction time thru TRIGGER POSITIONS that set off your response of correct, corresponding techniques
  • Quick access to over 1100 techniques on your mobile device!


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Bonus #1

“How To Improve Your Grappling…
… Every Time You Train!”

$47 Value

Format: Instant Download

Want to make significant improvement in your grappling every time you train?grappling-video-series2

In this 3-Video Series, I show you:

  • A step-by-step plan to improve your grappling every time you train
  • A simple training protocol that further improves memory and recall speed  of your submissions
  • How to drill your techniques for even faster reactions

Bonus #2

"How to Train with a Ground & Pound Bag"

$47 Value

Format: Instant Download

Training strikes while standing is NOT the same as training strikes while on the ground. BobDorris_Small

In this video, you will learn:

  •     How to train based on the position you are in
  •     How to train transitioning from position to position
  •     How to train strikes from the different positions

Build Your Cardio And Maximize Your Ground Training!

Bonus #3

"iGrapple® Fast Action Guide"

$27 Value

Format: Instant Download

fast-start-guide A step-by-step plan to using the iGrapple®. This quick reference guide details various ways the iGrapple® can be used to improve your grappling consistently. I walk you through using the iGrapple® and provide an easy to follow format that will undoubtedly improve your grappling.

  • Get the MOST out of the iGrapple®
  • Discover multiple uses for the iGrapple®
  • Turn 10 minutes into 1 hour's worth of practice time.

Bonus #4

"Visualization for Grappling"

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Format: Instant Download

Stephanie-Visualization_EMagz_1000pxSecrets to improving your grappling without spending more time on the mat!

The perfect complement to the iGrapple®! A simple approach to using the power of visualization to get added reps of your grappling techniques, and how this proven method will knock hours off your training time.

  • Learn Your Tactics Even More Quickly
  • Knock Hours Off Your Training Time
  • Train Without a Partner
  • Grapple Way Better Than You Have Any Right (Considering How Little Time You're Actually Training!)

Bonus #5

iGrapple® “Desktop” Version

Originally sold for $247

pc w destktop 5Not only can you access the iGrapple® from your Mobile device, but you can login from your PC or laptop and use our original iGrapple® Desktop version.

Whereas the Mobile version is great for “on the go” and when you need to quickly find a move for a specific situation…

…the Desktop version is even better for those times when you really want to dig-in and “study” your grappling.

Due to an entirely different interface that graphically lays out all of a positions “sub-positions”, along with the available moves from those sub-positions, the iGrapple® Desktop version gives you the “big picture” in a way that a smaller mobile device just can’t.

Because you can see literally…

  • ALL of a position’s “sub-positions”, and…
  • ALL the available techniques from that sub-position
  • All at one time…


… your brain will categorize your moves by these sub-positions, causing you to recall your moves & submissions even easier and faster.

You’ll find that this makes you quickly recognize all the different “situations” that can happen in a position, giving you fast recall of all your moves when those situations occur.

And yes, the iGrapple® Desktop originally sold for $247 all by itself WITHOUT the Mobile version… and we’ve got testimonials from hordes of grapplers who happily paid that amount and love it!


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