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I have no doubt that the program, coupled with your training guidelines, will help my grappling game immensely. Thanks again for a wonderful product."

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"I was fed up with dominating during stand up in my MMA fights, only to be quickly submitted when the fight goes to the ground.

I’m glad I made this purchase, because the first iGrapple technique video has already shown me what I’ve been doing wrong and how to correct it. I’m now looking forward to Grappling class tomorrow!"

Ryan Shanahan, Toronto Ontario

"iGrapple’s organization… has significantly enhanced my ability and speed to recall a technique on the mat when I need it. This will supercharge my learning and execution process."

Eric Twigg, Farmington Hills MI

"The iGrapple is a resource that all Grapplers should have. . For anyone that is skeptical we urge you to consider it! Money very well spent!"

Chester and Jennifer Wright, Virginia Beach VA

"I think you have just solved the most fundamental problem for anyone who wants to improve their ability as a grappler or jiu jitsu competitor."

Mark Holloway, Gilbert AZ

'Big up to you for putting together an awesome training tool. I’m a former Marine and I’ve trained HARD For over 30 years (successfully I must add).

Thank you very much for your hard work and attention to detail. Please don’t sell this to our adversary overseas! Keep up the good work, sir."

Ken Winnik , Fords, NJ

"The iGrapple is the smartest approach to learning grappling I have ever seen. The initial outline of starting positions are extremely helpful to beginners like myself.

I have found that my solo training is more rewarding because I can plan which techniques I’m going to study from the iGrapple and then execute them on the mat."

- Kevin McIntosh, Gary IN

"If you are looking to improving the total intelligence of your tactics on the ground, Bob Dorris’s iGrapple is what I consider the ultimate standard for concise grappling information and the most powerful reference material of its kind.

I enjoy Bob’s straight forward approach. He shows you what to do and where to go from there."

Chris Mar, Chief Instructor – Combined Operations Asia/PAC, ROC National SWAT & Special Deployment Tactical Riot Control

"I have used iGrapple® for two positions I routinely have problems with. So, now that I have used iGrapple and applied it to the mat, all I can say is, PERFECT.

This tool is exactly what I have been looking for."

Ernest Guillory, Houston, TX

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